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Step Away From the Sippy Cups!

As a mom of young kids, I am frequently asked about the best cups and feeding devices to use to help avoid speech impairments. In this blog post, a mom and SLP says it best, "Step Away From the Sippy Cups!" Enjoy this quick read.

9 Strategies to Encourage Generalization of Social Thinking Concepts and Related Social Skills

I often find that for kids with social challenges, using these skills in day to day situations and settings is the toughest part. This is my "go to" article, written by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Pamela Crooke, that maps out a clear plan to help bridge the social gap for our kiddos.

Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development

This is a clear and simple list of things parents can do to help encourage speech and language development with our kids. I find myself refering back to this often, as a mom and as a Speech Pathologist working with families!

Patient Intake Form

We recommend that the intake form be printed out and completed at home before you come. If you would prefer to wait until you come in, please call the office to make arrangements thirty minutes prior to your appointment.

Click on the icon below to download our intake form for your child. Please print and fill the form completely and accurately and bring the completed form to your child’s first visit. This will help expedite the registration process. Thank you.

To view this form you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not, please click on the Adobe icon below and follow the instructions to download this software to your computer.